Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Over at the Corpus Christi Memorial Army Reserve Center, a special ceremony was hosted by many United States soldiers.

“They’re going to continue to go on and serve the army well,” said U.S. Army Reserve Ambassador Robert Perez.

Perez says this celebration of “un-casing the colors” is a longstanding tradition and also a way to say thank you to those in a higher rank.

“Working with them and having them deal with so many soldiers, I mean imagine working with 350 active-duty units and helping them with their deployment mission,” said Perez.

Some commanders had to bid farewell as they get ready for retirement and change roles in command.

“It is important to show the soldiers that the command is always available, always there, and yet at the same time we have the ability and the flexibility to transition into new leadership when required,” said 4th Sustainment Command Kevin Meisler.

With the welcome of a new command, team members say they still must do their best to protect.

“As an Army Reserve, we remain ready. We remain resilient and were ready and we’re ready to answer the nation’s call,” said Meisler.

“They’re ready to take care of people and soldiers,” said Perez.

By senior