Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Long before “the R word” was even in John Joven’s professional lexicon, this former New York City teacher and principal wanted to leave metro living in his rearview mirror. Although he and his late wife, a university professor, weren’t ready to retire, they craved a less-frantic lifestyle and more open space.  

“We had enough of that city life and wanted an escape,” Joven says. After looking along the New Jersey shore, they expanded their search to Rhode Island, and in 1983 purchased what he calls “the worst house on the best street that we could afford.”

Initially, they planned to spend weekends and summers in their Middletown home while they continued to work in New York. During their visits, they took advantage of all that Newport County has to offer, enjoying hiking trails, the beach, great restaurants and events. When it came time for Joven and his second wife, Celia, to find a permanent place to retire, the couple looked elsewhere, but couldn’t find anything that suited them better than Newport.  

Beach walks are a bonus for Newport retirees.

Is Newport an affordable place to retire?

When individuals are looking for a place to retire, affordability, quality of life, proximity to family and access to health care are top priorities. Based on those criteria, Newport County is a show-stopping retirement haven, with its activities, beautiful scenery, walkability and culture. 

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