Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

INDOT will get an upgrade to its traffic monitoring system, meaning the current one, TrafficWise is set to retire this summer. 

The new system will be called The Cars Program. It will do a lot of the same things TrafficWise does now and have even more features. 

Users will be able to access the cameras just like TrafficWise but also be able to pinpoint locations a lot easier to see specific spots that may be causing traffic delays. 

Although the change isn’t happening officially until August, users can start to get familiar now.  

“That website exists right now – you’re able to see, kind of upcoming projects, you can see kind of traffic, and you can look at cameras on that website, but it will be all new and improved, and like I said, the stability will be a lot better,” said INDOT spokesperson Mallory Duncan. 

She also says with better stability they won’t be dealing with as many cameras being down as they deal with now. 

“We actually have a lot of the new cameras already installed, and they are kind of on a pilot program for us right now so we’re using that – it’s going really well, and we’re really excited about that one.” 

The interface may be a little different, but Duncan says all the basics will be there. They will also be adding new features as things progress. 

“We’ll be adding a lot of things in the winter like snow plow capabilities, you know. The public will be able to access snowplow cameras to see pictures of where plows are. They’ll be able to track it, so that’s coming in the near future.”

By senior