Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

After 27 years and three months, Corbin City Clerk Roberta Webb has announced her retirement effective July 31.

Webb was initially hired to serve as the deputy city collector in 1994, becoming city collector and then city clerk.

“I greatly appreciate the opportunities that I have been given,” Webb said in a letter announcing her retirement.

Prior to being hired at the city, Webb worked at First National Bank.

“I’ve had four jobs,” Webb said. “I worked at the grocery store when I was in high school and worked there for 13 years, moving up from working the cash register up to doing bookkeeping.”

“Then I went to the unemployment office to file for unemployment when they switched owners and Joe Johnston offered me a job there,” Webb said noting that because of a state hiring freeze she could only work there as a temporary employee.

“Then I got hired at the bank and then here,” Webb said. “They called me back to the unemployment office, but I didn’t go.”

Webb said she has enjoyed her time working for the city.

“I have met some great people,” Webb said. “Like all places it is not perfect, but it has been a great fit for me. I love working with people, the other employees, and working with the public.”

Now that she is retiring, Webb said she is going to spend more time with her family, including her 6-year-old granddaughter, and her grandson who is expected in August.

“I want to remain active in my church and hopefully do more,” Webb said.

The Corbin native said she intends to remain in Corbin, though she will travel to Florida on occasion where her son lives.

“Corbin is home!” Webb said. “No plans to go anywhere else.”

In addition to her time in the collector’s office and the clerk’s office, Webb had the honor of being Corbin’s first Alcoholic Beverage Control Officer.

“Anybody that knows me would never have thought of me doing that job,” Webb said noting that, like her other positions with the city, it was about ensuring the paperwork was done correctly.

“They really had more in mind for me to set it up,” Webb said of the ABC office.

As to what she would tell whomever follows her in the clerk’s office, Webb offered some advce.

“This too shall pass,” Webb said. “When something comes at you that seems overwhelming, just do the best that you can and remember that this too shall pass. If you make a mistake, own up to it. Sometimes it is easy to fix.”

By senior