Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023
The Texas flag is shown flying over the state Capitol in 2019.

Where I come from, your word is your bond. You keep your promises and fulfill your obligations.

I’m a correctional officer. For 12 years, it’s been my job to keep people safe. I enforce the rules, keep order and help ensure that when inmates come back into our community, they come back on better terms than they left. Our pay is modest, and our work is downright dangerous. In return for our service, the state promises a secure pension — a retirement we can count on. This is challenging work, and that’s why it upsets us when politicians in Austin don’t keep their promises.

What went wrong? Our workers still pitch in our fair share to the pension fund with every paycheck. But the state of Texas was supposed to be fulfilling its obligations to make the fund solvent, too, and when increased funding was necessary, the state came up short. Now there’s a $15 billion shortfall.

By senior