Sun. Feb 5th, 2023
HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES — The legendary Ann-Margret is one of the stars of the new romantic comedy, “Queen Bees.” It’s an ensemble film about life in a retirement community. And her character is, shall we say, a busy bee with some of the men! She and her pals are a bit feared…at least at first.

“I loved doing this film. It means when you are a certain age, it doesn’t mean that you all of a sudden stop … You don’t stop. You continue,” she said.

The other “Queen Bees” in the film include Jane Curtain, Ellen Burstyn and Loretta Devine. The movie does deal with romance. But something else is key: the importance of friendship, at any age.

“You got it! You got the whole thing. That’s what the movie is about. I’m so glad you got it,” said Ann-Margret.

“Queen Bees” is in theaters and on demand now.

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