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SHELTON, Conn., Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — RightCapital, Inc. (RightCapital), a next-generation financial planning software, today announced the launch of dynamic retirement spending strategies within its technology platform.

RightCapital Is The First Comprehensive Financial Planning Solution To Offer Dynamic Retirement Spending Options.

The most commonly used approach in financial planning is inflation-adjusted retirement spending, where retirement expenses increase each year relative to a standard rate of inflation. This approach is less than optimal because it overlooks important factors that can have a substantial impact on a client’s spending in retirement.

Dynamic retirement spending strategies allow advisors and clients to model various spending outcomes based on portfolio performance in retirement. For example, if a client’s portfolio declines to a predetermined value, retirement spending can be set to decrease automatically to keep the client’s plan on track. Similarly, if the client’s portfolio increases, the client can consider the possibility of spending more without jeopardizing the retirement plan. Dynamic spending strategies allow retirement expenses to fluctuate based on actual portfolio performance, as well as customized strategy parameters. The two dynamic spending strategies introduced in this product release are commonly referred to as guardrail and floor and ceiling.

“The industry has been using a rather simple retirement expense approach in the financial planning process for many years. The ability to offer multiple options for retirement spending within our comprehensive planning tool is a significant step forward,” said Shuang Chen, CEO of RightCapital. “We are excited to provide advisors with the ability to incorporate dynamic spending strategies into their financial planning process.”


“The very essence of retirement planning is to plan: if A happens, then we’ll do B. But if C happens, we’ll do D instead. Yet in practice, a seemingly simple retirement planning question like ‘how much do the markets have to decline, before I need to cut spending in retirement, and if that does happen, how much should I adjust my spending to get back on track’ cannot be easily answered with today’s ‘comprehensive’ financial planning technologies,” said Michael Kitces, Chief Financial Planning Nerd for and Head of Planning Strategy for Buckingham Wealth Partners. “Modeling retirement in a more dynamic manner reflects how real clients behave in the real world – when life happens, we adjust. As advisors, we cannot eliminate the uncertainty of markets themselves, but tools like RightCapital’s dynamic spending can help eliminate the uncertainty for clients of what they’d have to do in response to those market events, facilitating better client conversations about how to keep their retirement on track.”

RightCapital’s advanced options also support staged retirement spending and retirement spending smile strategies. Staged spending allows advisors to manage spending levels by age, allowing for increased spending in the first few years of retirement, slowing down overtime as the retiree ages. Retirement spending smile is when retirement spending varies in a real or nominal dollar amount based on fluctuations in healthcare costs during retirement.

Other standalone retirement spending tools offer similar capabilities, but RightCapital is the first comprehensive financial planning software to provide dynamic retirement spending strategies for its users. Designed with the advisor in mind, this product feature brings all areas of the financial planning process into one powerful platform.

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RightCapital leverages technology to make wealth planning easier and more powerful for financial professionals and their clients. The results: greater efficiency, stronger client relationships, and significant business growth. 

Interactive, easy-to-use technology means less time creating financial plans and more time spent with clients. Clear, engaging visualization tools drive home the impact (and value) of the financial professional’s retirement, insurance, and tax-planning recommendations. And a modular-based platform provides the ultimate in flexibility. 

RightCapital is the fastest-growing financial planning software company in the country. Its rapid innovations, class-leading features, and unbeatable value have revolutionized the financial planning experience and delivered the solutions that today’s financial professionals demand. For more information, please visit

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