Retirement communities requesting Valentine’s Day cards and letters to senior adults

Only paper mail fitting in traditional packages will be received

SAN ANGELO, Texas – As Valentine’s Day approaches, Buckner Retirement Services is calling on Texas residents to send Valentine’s Day letters and cards to seniors residing in any of the nonprofit’s six senior living communities, including the Baptist Retirement Community in San Angelo.

“We just really wanted to do something that would give back to the residents where they felt safe when they were receiving cards and letters,” Baptist Retirement Community director of marketing Erin Kelly said. “We want to bring a smile to our residents, our staff and our frontline workers to their faces.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic last March, the retirement home called on area residents to help bring love and joy to its residents. After that initial request, more than one thousand pieces of mail was received from Texas and across the nation. Kelly is optimistic for the amount of cards and letters being distributed to senior citizens and healthcare workers at Baptist Retirement.

“We have over 250 residents on our campus,” Kelly stated. “So these cards are going to be evenly distributed amongst our independent living residents as well as our healthcare residents. Many in our health care areas have been kind of isolated because we have not allowed a lot of visitation.”

Kelly says the community is pushing for more than 100 cards and letters being sent by the upcoming holiday. She hopes every senior residing on campus will receive one.

“San Angelo has been so great about supporting our residents and we just thought this was a great way to help out,” Kelly expressed. “Maybe a grandmother working with her grandkids could do some Valentine’s cards or schools or just different entities.”

Only paper mail fitting in traditional packages will be received. Packages containing goods and products will not be accepted for the safety of the residents.