Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

The day after their conversation, McKayla shared she’s writing a book about her experience, saying, “I’m extremely excited to share my story, and all the things I learned from being an elite gymnast. It felt too hard to write about before, but I’m ready now.”

McKayla received support from fellow gymnast Aly Raisman, who experienced the same hardship in her career. Aly reflected, “Still struggling so much to recover. I’m so glad I have @McKaylaMaroney to talk to because she validates me & supports me. It’s hard not be worry when it takes years & years to recover. It’s crazy how much the years of training has impacted both of us.”

In response, McKayla explained that having Aly makes her feel validated as she recovers, because “you feel like you’re making it up sometimes, but you’re not crazy, it’s real.”

“When you push your body to extremes like that, the aftermath is just as intense,” she added. “Especially with the abuse we went through. Love you forever @Aly_Raisman.”

By senior