Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
Judge Robert Hoover is retiring after 25 years serving Licking County as a probate judge. He will be replaced by Deb Lang in February of 2021.

NEWARK – After 25 years spent as Licking County’s juvenile and probate judge, Robert Hoover’s biggest legacy is the impact he’s had on Licking County’s youth.

In a memo to his staff last week, Hoover announced he would be presiding over his last case on Jan. 22. His term ends in February as he retires, prohibited by age from re-election. Next month, Deborah Lang will take the helm.

Quoting Maya Angelou, Hoover told his staff that people will forget what one said or what they did, but will never forget how one made them feel. He said he thanks God for the opportunity to serve others.

During an interview with The Advocate, Hoover reflected over his career, where he started and the cases that changed him along the journey. As he steps into retirement, his commitment to the community is far from over as he plans to remain involved in organizations such as Friends of the Licking County Library and other groups.

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