Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Ever wondered what the future of retirement might look like if the investment industry just stopped caring about its decisions? A series of dystopian-style stories from RisCura explores what this alternate reality might look like.

Investment adviser and service provider RisCura Holdings (Pty.) Ltd. last month released an anthology of stories named “Upshot.” The seven stories, written by well-known authors and curated by award-winning author Lauren Beukes, address topics including longevity and work to convey the need to make responsible investment decisions.

“It’s less relevant in a first-world country where the wheels are going to turn … but when it’s a third-world country, that really matters, it really counts,” said Malcolm Fair, managing director in Cape Town, South Africa. “These are fun stories written by acclaimed science-fiction writers. It’s been two years in the making — some of the stories were written pre-COVID and are quite prescient given what’s now taken place. Some of them are quite hard-hitting and a bit dystopian as well, (and) make you think ‘is this how it’s going to be for me?'”

RisCura’s investment staff came up with the concepts, which were then turned into stories and podcasts.

The stories are entertaining as well as meaningful: Angela Makholwa’s “Last Shot” is about preparing for retirement, while Sam Beckbessinger’s “Undercurrency” — a story of global warming, kelp as the new commodity and love — addresses the idea that climate change will change everything.

The stories are available via RisCura’s website in written and podcast form.

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