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Dozens of residents in the Houston neighborhood gathered to say goodbye to retired postman James Petty and wish him good luck.

Houston — 24 years later USPS Mail carrier James Petty retired last week on August 27, 2021. People on his postal route threw him a fair amount of parties. They say his countless kind acts have made a big difference over the last decade and a half.

56-year-old James Petty was the man at the time.dozens Briar Grove Park The residents, young and old, say goodbye and good luck.It was a sign Their love for their letter deliverers, the constant friendly faces of their neighborhood.

“A combination of 34 years of federal services. 24 at the post office and 11 at the military. Briar Grove Park over the last 14 years,” Petty recalls.

He loved the job except on rainy days.

“I loved taking care of customers,” he told KHOU11.

“Usually I’m a quiet person, but when I’m on that route, I have to go out because they (customers and kids) fascinate me every day,” he said.

Among his biggest fans? The smallest children. Currently, it includes Bennett, 4 years old, and Miller, 6 years old.

About two years ago, my sister and brother asked if they could help deliver the mail.

“Millie was able to get to the box. Bennett didn’t reach the box, so when I got to the box that was too expensive, I picked him up and he put the mail in the box,” Petty said. Told.

“Mr. Bennett and Miller’s mother, Erin Beckwiz, said,” James was good for everyone. ” .. “

So the neighborhood of Briar Grove Park wanted to give him a first-class see-off.

“I was overwhelmed. I didn’t expect so many people. It was bittersweet. I’m ready to retire, but I hate leaving customers.”

“Many people think they have to make big big gestures to make a difference,” Beckwiz said. James made a difference for the entire community just because he took the time to be kind. The world needs more James. “

Small things can tell a lot about big things.

Congratulations to James. He hopes you will eventually arrive in Las Vegas and have fun.

Community Holds Retirement Party for Houston Mail Carrier

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