Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – Brazos Valley Council of Governments Executive Director Tom Wilkinson is retiring after a career that spanned over 29 years with the organization.

Wilkinson considers one of the biggest accomplishments during his time with BVCOG to be a fiber grant that supported a 300-mile fiber optic ring that serves county and city governments, schools, and some private industry across the Brazos Valley.

“It’s been a tremendous learning curve to put together something like that,” Wilkinson said. “It’s finished and we’re now operating it, and that’s another challenge, but it’s all good.”

He considered another one of the organizations big achievements during his tenure to be securing the building on 29th street where they currently operate.

Wilkinson’s first day of retirement will be April 1.

”I’ve enjoyed working and the things that we have accomplished over the years, so some of that I’ll miss, but it’s time,” Wilkinson said. “You reach that point. It’s been good.”

Wilkinson says the board has asked him to serve as a consultant. He will also continue to be an active participant in the nonprofits he’s involved with and the Methodist Children’s Home in Waco.

“It’s going to be a new day to not get up and come to the office,” Wilkinson said. “I have to learn that.”

The theme of Wilkinson’s retirement reception was “Mission: Possible.” Tom’s mission, should he choose to accept it (as his coworkers put it), is to make sure it’s possible he stays retired.

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