Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

There comes a time in every athletes life where we must let go of what was, so we can fully step into what will be.

That time has finally arrived for me, and today I formally announce my retirement from professional hockey. 

It has been over 3 years since I last played in the @nhl, and it’s been a difficult journey for me to finally arrive at the state where I am happy say the words “I am retiring.”

Every athlete experiences this transition differently, and though the process went slower than I had hoped, I am excited to have finally arrived at peace with it. 

I reflect on my entire hockey journey with immense pride, for I poured my heart and soul into being the best hockey player I could be for over three decades. 

I was able to express myself though the sport I loved, and compete with and against the best in the world for 13 seasons in the nhl. Every single moment was a privilege and an honor – and I lived my childhood dream every single day!

Hockey is a great game, and afforded me so many blessings in life. Every sport will ultimately outlive the athletes that play it, and it’s a joy to now watch the next generation of hockey players as they take the sport to new heights!

My entire hockey journey has always been just a boy playing the game he loved, and that’s how I will choose to remember it… 🏒😄

By senior