Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

About 13% to 14% of government of Guam employees are currently eligible for retirement, Director Edward Birn of the Department of Administration told lawmakers during the agency’s budget hearing on Wednesday.

Sen. Tina Muña Barnes brought up the concern over the approaching number of retirees during the hearing, citing the need to preserve institutional knowledge within GovGam that could be lost as more experienced employees step down. 

Officials from the Department of Administration during the 2021 budget hearing. From left: GSA Chief Procurement Officer Claudia Acfalle, Director Edward Birn, Deputy Director Bernadine Gines, and Personnel Services Administrator Shane Nauta.

“You get a lot of people that are retiring … this COVID is, is causing a lot of people to rethink their lives and wanting to say, “okay, you know, I’ll retire now,” Sen. Telo Taitague said. 

Birn echoed the senators’ feelings, and stated the need for individual departments to begin to have the conversation with those members who were eligible to retire. He said the Department of Administration had begun the process of working with experienced employees to pass on some of their accumulated knowledge, something that wasn’t done before.

By senior