Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Two veteran Suisun City firefighters recently hung up their turnouts and headed into retirement.

On Thursday, Fire Marshal-Division Chief Carmen Maio. Division Chief Maio said farewell to his team after 27 years of service.

In late February, Volunteer Fire Engineer Lupe Benitez bid teammates goodbye after 22 years of service.

Maio began his career on Nov. 1994 as a volunteer firefighter.

Suisun City Fire Marshal-Division Chief Carmen MaioCourtesy Photo, Suisun City Fire Department

In Sept. 2002, he was named a full-time administrative fire captain.

In Nov. 2019, Maio promoted to the rank of full-time division chief and became the city’s first fire marshal.

“He did an amazing job creating the foundation of a solid fire prevention program that will live on beyond his tenure,” officials said in a statement. “His work to protect life and property have undoubtedly been both effective and appreciated. It has been said that fire prevention is the purest form of fire suppression.

“Chief Maio’s impact on this community’s health and safety shall live on through his many accomplishments in his role as fire marshal.”

In his new position as a retiree, it’s believed Maio will be ut on the water pursuing his love of sailing.

“We will greatly miss you and this department owes you an extreme debt of gratitude,” officials said. “Thank you, Division Chief-Fire Marshal Carmen Maio and may the winds always be in your favor as you sail on to your next great adventure in life.”

Volunteer Fire Engineer Lupe Benitez began his career on February 25, 1999.

Suisun City Volunteer Fire Engineer Lupe BenitezCourtesy Photo, Suisun City Fire Department

The longtime Suisun City resident, officials said in a statement, “has been committed to making a difference as a volunteer firefighter in his community.”

In his next chapter, officials said, Benitez is pondering a move back to Mexico, where he may seek to once again work in fire service.

“The Suisun City Fire Department wishes him the best of luck in his new adventures,” officials said. “Thank you and congrats on completing your long career with SCFD!”

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