Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

WORCESTER – Retirement for some means golfing, getting a golden tan, traveling to an exotic spot or savoring an expensive bottle of wine 

Susan M. Ledoux may be doing all of those things — plus, one more activity in her retirement. And this one comes with a civic bent. 

Tuesday, on Election Day, Ledoux manned the Ward 3 Precinct 1 polling location inside the Burncoat High School gymnasium.  

Susan Ledoux  is the warden of the Burncoat High School polling place.

Seated at a table with a laptop at hand, Ledoux, 62, had an official Worcester Election Day sticker on her shirt. It displayed her name and an official title – warden.  

It’s an honored position because warden is the person who leads the crew that ensures the votes are properly taken, tabulated and safely processed.

Familiar face  

The name Ledoux should sound familiar to City Hall watchers because she worked for the city for 37 years, the last four as city clerk before her retirement in March 2020.  

By senior