Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

BRUNSWICK, Maine — Jim McCarthy is an old newspaper man. For more than 30 years, McCarthy did it all — from beat reporter, to editorial writer, to executive editor at a Maine daily. He even helped stuff fliers into fat Thanksgiving papers, rolling hot off the presses, when extra hands were needed for those coupon-heavy editions.

His long daily newspaper run came to an end a decade ago when an out-of-state company bought his paper and put him out to pasture. But McCarthy didn’t give up. Instead, he started over, taking a reporter gig at a weekly newspaper and staying in the business another 10 years.

Now he’s retired, enjoying his family and taking morning swims at the YMCA. But he’s still not done chronicling the community he loves. At age 68, McCarthy just published his first zine. After all, he’s an old newspaper man, and journalism is what he does.

By senior