Tue. Jan 18th, 2022
Retired Marine Col. Eric Terashima (right) is on a mission to bring the Afghan interpreters he served with in Bost, Afghanistan to the United States.

When Manzoor came to the United States from Bost, Afghanistan, in June, he couldn’t believe it was real.

“Pretty much daily, multiple times a day, he would ask, ‘Is this for real? Am I really here?'” said Eric Terashima, a retired Marine Col. who helped Manzoor get to the United States.

Manzoor, who’s being identified by first name only to protect his safety in Afghanistan, is just one of four interpreters and 15 people total Terashima has helped out of Afghanistan in the last few months.

“The contrast of being from Afghanistan — where there’s no security, they don’t know if they’re going to die every day — to now being in the United States where they’re safe and secure,” he said. “All of them are in complete shock and it’s literally surreal.”

By senior