Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

John Denver move over. The singer made a song about life on the farm famous. Now that Jordy Nelson is retired, Denver has nothing on the former Packers receiver.

“I wanted to get our kids back on the farm,” Nelson says. “They were just last night out burning with us until 11 o’clock at night, even though it was a school night.”

You might have also noticed his new hairdo.

“Some people kind of freaked out about it,” Nelson says. “My family included.”

Lance Allan of TMJ4 Sports: “You’re a man of the people, so I think people would be interested to know that you cut your own hair? You said that?”

“Oh absolutely,” Nelson says. “I’ve cut my own hair, definitely since college.”

Around draft time, he always laughs at those who had no clue who he was.

“There’s one article, I’ve tried to find it again. And when they drafted me, he said who in the world is this person? With possibly some other language,” Nelson says.

Jordy is still close with his receiver buddies, and recently had a couple’s weekend vacation.

“We went up to the wine country,” Nelson says. “So it was James Jones, Davante Adams, Randall Cobb and myself. And then all of our spouses. Just spent four or five days together up there. We still communicate through text messages. Both the guys separately, then the girls. The wives talking about stuff they’re going through. And then as, you know even with relationships. It was, one night we didn’t kind of even get into that. It was like almost counseling for everyone. But it was one of those things, when you have a group of guys that are that close, like, no one’s scared to share anything.”

But in the end, his football career is in the rear-view mirror.

Lance Allan: “Is there any part of you that wishes for one more play?”

“No, not really,” Nelson says. “I don’t need another one. I don’t want another one.”

You can tell the bond between Green Bay and Jordy will always be there, and I’ll say a future first-ballot Packers Hall of Famer.

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