Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Martha Ellen Tye Foundation Executive Director Karn Gregoire will retire in May from the position. She has been in the position for nine years and was instrumental in creating Vision Marshalltown.

After nine years as executive director of the Martha Ellen Tye Foundation, Karn Gregoire is retiring.

She will officially retire in May. The next executive director has not been named.

The longtime proponent for Marshalltown has been working with and for nonprofit organizations for most of her life. She assumed the role as the second executive director of the foundation after Sue Martin retired from the position.

In total, Gregoire has been working in nonprofit organizations for 34 years.

“It has been such a blessing to wrap up my professional career by serving this Foundation, family and community as we all focused on helping Marshalltown prosper and grow,” Gregoire said. “I thank God for remaining in the driver’s seat and will forever be grateful to those of whom I have shared this journey. Our community is special because of the people who show up with integrity, character and dedication. And, more than ever, Marshalltown has great leaders who will continue the charge to make Marshalltown an amazing community.”

She lamented the important role the foundation has played in Marshalltown.

“Can you imagine the depth of influence Martha Ellen Tye has had in leaving this foundation to the community,” Gregoire said. “Communities our size don’t have the resources she’s left.”

Gregoire said her experience working with nonprofit organizations which often received grants, helped her succeed with an organization which often is helping others.

“To be on the flip side and help, whether it be nonprofit organizations or the education system — provides a lot of value which I think the board has been approving of,” she said.

Gregoire continues to serve as a volunteer on several boards. She serves with the Community Foundation, the county Board of Supervisors and is president of the Marshall County Arts and Cultural Alliance.

Gregoire was instrumental in establishing Vision Marshalltown, a network of local organizations and community leaders focused on Marshalltown’s progress in housing, education and downtown development. She considers her involvement in creating Vision Marshalltown among her greatest accomplishments, as well as her work with the many volunteer organizations she’s served on.

“Karn has been a true blessing to the foundation,” said John Hermanson, board member of the Martha Ellen Tye Foundation. “The incredible passion she brings to the foundation and to Marshalltown is palpable. She’s a true community leader.”

Gregoire will continue her work serving on the Fisher Governor Foundation and Fisher Governor Board of Trustees.

In retirement, Gregoire plans to spend time with her husband Paul and their family. They also plan to do some traveling.

“We’ve got children in Ohio, in Green Bay and Milwaukee,” she said. “In order to be with any of my grandchildren it takes two days of driving. I don’t want to sacrifice time I want to spend with my family any longer.”


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