Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

GOSHEN, Ky. (WDRB) — Retired thoroughbred racehorses will now live out their days at a farm in Oldham County. The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation sanctuary farm at Chestnut Hall is 25 acres of sprawling farm land that will serve as the forever home for 11 horses.

“A lot of these retired racehorses are older and they have pretty significant injuries so most of my horses are not going to be rideable again,” said Alyssa Carinder, the farm manager who takes care of the herd.

The CEO of Churchill Downs bought the land and selected the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation to run the sanctuary. While most never made it to the winner’s circle or the run for the roses, she makes sure they still get the care and admiration they deserve.

retired racehorse

“They work really, really hard for us when they’re 2 to 6 years old at the track, and it’s really important afterwards to give them the best life because they were athletes at some point and it’s really important that they just get to be a horse,” Carinder said. 

The horses will act as ambassadors for thoroughbred aftercare to educate racing fans about the equine athletes. For now, the neighbors are the only ones who get to enjoy the comradery of the horses.

“You talk about a joy after the year we’ve had,” neighbor Marilyn Seilkop said. “They’re so kind and gentle.”

“They give so much to the state of Kentucky and they are living an awesome life in retirement now. They eat grass all day and come get pets from everyone,” neighbor Molly Sensenbrenner said. 

The farm opens to the public in May, and tours will be offered through Visit Horse Country.

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