Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

BLOOMINGTON (WEEK) – Elected leaders in McLean County’s second largest school district start the process later this month of choosing a new superintendent.

Dr. Barry Reilly, 55, is retiring in June of next year after 33 years with District 87. Reilly has been superintendent for the past 11-years, and used to be the district’s assistant superintendent of human resources, and principal at Bloomington High School.

Reilly’s departure became known as the district posted notice of a special school board meeting February 13 in which the board will interview search firms to help find the next superintendent.

Reilly, who’s 55, said his retirement was planned, and is not connected to pressures tied to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reilly acknowledges this past year has been the toughest “by far” because of the virus, as administrators scrambled to offer virtual classes, and then came up with strategies to keep students and staff safe for their return to in-person learning.

“I’m not alone,” said Reilly, referring to COVID anxiety experienced by everyone, particularly other educators, parents, students, small business owners, and people who’ve gotten sick from the virus.

Among his accomplishments, Reilly cited his team’s work in providing opportunities for kids in “one of the most diverse districts in Illinois.”

Reilly also takes pride in upgrading the district’s fine arts programs and making improvements to Fred Carlton Field at BHS, specifically adding sports turf to make it a multi-purpose facility, without raising taxes.

By senior