Tue. Dec 5th, 2023
DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) — Coach K is 74 and soon to be retiring but he still has a sense of humor.

He wants to make it clear that he’s not walking away because the game is changing, he knows how to adapt and stay up-to-date.

He’s been doing it for 4 decades – but he says it’s never felt like work because he loves it so much and that’s what has made him so successful both on and off the court.

Coach K’s legacy, and connection with his players, is undeniable

“When you look at a guy who has done what he’s done for so long at one place in this city, he’s been an amazing human being,” said Duke assistant coach, Nolan Smith. “I’m proud to have known him, played for him, when I see him as that he’s really special. He’s more than just a basketball coach.”

“Women make a family and when you have women, you’ve got an advantage,” said Duke assistant coach, Chris Carrawell. “Mama K the daughters are great women. I know he spoke on it he’s learned a lot from them. You’ve got to be a nurturer. You’re expecting them to dive on the floor get these rebounds yeah you’ve got to be able to when times get tough they’ve got to be able to depend on you and he’s done that.”

Duke assistant coach Chris Carrawell is a perfect example of the impact Coach K has had on so many of his former players – Carrawell who played for K in the late 90s says he became a father figure for him and help him become a successful man.

“Coming from my community,” Carrawell said. “Coming from Saint Louis which I represent every day and then coming to a place like Duke University and to be able to say I played for Coach K I walk around proudly.”

“You never think this day is going to come, right?” said Duke forward, Wendell Moore Jr. “When it finally does come, just a chance to be on his team is a huge pleasure of mine. He could’ve chosen anyone to do it with and he’s giving us his all so we’re going to give our all to him.”

For as much as Coach K has meant to the brotherhood and his players – they’ve meant a lot to him as well – keeping him sharp from head to toe.

Coach K won in all different ways, and his final team could be one of his best

“I learn from them,” said Krzyzewski. “Learn current music, current culture, some phrases. I’ve got to keep my shoe game up. My Nike stuff has got to be a little bit tighter than my body would probably want.”

“Coach a funny dude,” said Carrawell. “He’s a funny dude, funny guy. I’m gonna miss his passion but I’m gonna miss his sarcasm, his humor, his personality.”

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