Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

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New Delhi, September 12

The armed forces are looking to have a common retirement age at the rank of Colonel in the Army and its equivalent rank in the Navy and the IAF. A twin proposal is being examined at the level of the Department of Military Affairs headed by the Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat.

The first is to standardise the age of retirement at level of Colonel, which varies in all three services, and second is the nature of work being handled by re-employed officers. In case of varying age of retirement, the Army retires Colonels at age of 54, the Navy retires Captains at 56 and the IAF has the retirement age of 57 in case of Group Captains. The plan is to standardise the retirement age across the three services as different set of rules cannot be applied. The second part is about the nature of the work being done by the re-employed officers. A retiring officer can seek employment for two years and a few do opt for it.

On being re-employed, a Colonel is paid the salary of his rank, but is given the work-responsibility of a Major, two ranks below. Sources say the plan is to get the re-employed officer to do the task mandated at the level of Colonel. There is no logic in paying the salary of a Colonel to a reemployed officer and task him with a Major’s work, said a senior functionary.

Varied norms in 3 services at present

  • A Colonel retires at 54, Captain at 56 and Group Captain at 57
  • The plan is to standardise retirement age across three Services
  • Also under review is the nature of responsibilities allocated to the re-employed officers

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