Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Carmelo Anthony is entering his 19th year in the league this season, suiting up for the Los Angeles Lakers.

At the ripe age of 37, when most NBA players are well past their basketball expiration date, the Lakers star claims he’s still not considering hanging it up just yet. Melo was vocal on his thoughts on retirement ahead of LA’s season opener.

Via Lakers Nation’s Ryan Ward:

Carmelo Anthony says he still “loves the game” and is still “passionate” about the game. He knows that the minute he doesn’t want to go to practice that it’ll be a sign that “it’s over” in terms of his playing days. He’s not there yet.

The fact that Carmelo Anthony is the third oldest player in the NBA right now, but is still seen as a valuable piece on a Lakers contending team is a testament to his talent and longevity. The man was still getting buckets for the Portland Trail Blazers last season, averaging 13.4 points per game and shooting a career-high 40.9% from beyond the arc.

Melo is far from being washed up just yet and will look to contribute to a Lakers side that might give him his best ever chance at an NBA championship.

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