Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

Three Sperry Firefighters were honored by their community Saturday as they prepare to retire. 

Sperry firefighters Sam Bradley, Sonny Dickey and Andy Herman have a combined 70 years of service among them. They say they loved being volunteer firefighters and wouldn’t have done it anywhere else. 

“Been here almost half my life,” Bradley said. “We’ve been through a lot together. A lot of us guys and women. We’ve been through a lot together.” 

Friends and family of Bradley, Dickey and Herman gathered to show them their appreciation. 

Sperry mayor Debra Burch said these three are like family in the community of 1,200 people.

“It’s the fact that we know each other,” Burch said. “Most of these people have grown up together, and the fact that they came out to celebrate what really is a milestone today. A lot of the firefighters here I taught because I taught at the high school. So it’s good to see that they’ve taken that volunteer spirit, and they’re continuing with it.

Burch said each of these firefighters went above and beyond while on duty. If it wasn’t for them, many in and around Sperry wouldn’t have received the help they needed.

“We have a very small town here, but we have a very large fire district, so they go way out of the city limits to help those people in need, as well,” Burch said. 

Bradley said he loved his time serving this community.

“Lasting 25 years: That’s the fond memory,” Bradley said. 

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